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In our company we are aware of the concern for the environment, and therefore in the production of foils we don't use any harmful chemicals or substances to the environment and the organism. Also in our production generates no wastewater or any harmful gases to the atmosphere. All the waste foil and thread is 100% recycled and used again in the form of regenerate. For our work processes we use only electricity from renewable energy sources (hydroelectric generating station). With this we further contribute to the clean environment and atmosphere. In the care of a clean environment, we went even further and actively participate in the cleaning actions of the various societies, by contributing our excellent garbage bags with string made from recycled material.

About Paraplast

The company was founded by owner and Procurator Branko Paradiž in 1991. It started with the production of a particular for household Bags, garbage bags, ice bags and carrier bags. After purchase of the first extruder, the production has extended to a different types of foils. Over the years, the company constantly evolve and be updated. Today we are able to satisfy the high demands of customers in the automotive, food and pharmaceutical industries. Through all the years, we have managed to preserve the flexibility and rapid adaptation to customers short delivery times, and the quality of our foils, bags and other products. We have our own development of tools and preparation for adaptation to changes in customer requirements faster.

We cooperate with various companies in the automotive, food and pharmaceutical industries. We are also present in metal processing and timber industry. You are cordially invited to participate in cooperation with us.

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